AVM Awareness Car Decal Pack (2)
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AVM Awareness Car Decal Pack (2)

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Want to show that you support Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) Awareness in public? This car decal is a perfect solution! Whether you're an AVM Survivor or an AVM Supporter, having this sticker on your car allows people to know that you are "in the know" of this rare condition.

It's such a treat to find a fellow survivor "in the wild." Imagine spying one of these on your neighbor's car! While we wish AVMs didn't happen... It does. And it really helps to have an in-person community.  Maybe this car decal can be a step in helping it happen!

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  • Waterproof Car Decal for car windows and bodies
  • Dimensions are 4" x 3", and it is a die-cut oval shape

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