Burgundy for Life

Our Journey Through AVM, Aneurysm, Stroke, & Brain Injury

Who Are We?
Burgundy for Life

Burgundy for Life is a collection of advocacy initiatives to promote Vascular Malformation Awareness

Vascular Malformations are blood vessel deformities which can appear in any part of the body (with blood vessels). They cause a variety of health issues, many of them very serious in nature.

We provide resources and support for survivors and their families by harnessing the power of social media and the internet.

Our Projects

The various projects focus on Arteriovenous Malformations, Brain Aneurysms, Brain Injuries, and Vascular Bleeds.

Facebook Page


Actively managed Facebook page that shares information, resources, survivor stories, and interactive content for followers

Support Group


Actively maintained support group on Facebook for survivors and family members

Project Hope


A random quotation generator of messages for those newly diagnosed, by the voices of survivors and family members

Resource Website


Provides information about vascular malformations, printable resources, link directories, and stories by survivors

Want to chat or collaborate with us? You can e-mail us at hi@burgundyforlife.org.